Best post-processing Smartphone Apps

Today I want to present 💬 4 mobile apps 📲, which I am using for post-processing 🛠of my pictures on the fly. Usually, I am working on my notebook 💻with professional tools like Affinity Photo and Adobe Lightroom, but sometimes one is in a hurry 😆. My notebook tools 🛠and how-to's will be presented in a future blog article. Write me 📝via the Members Chat if I have forgotten that!💜

1. AirBrush - Magically remove noise like people, road signs, trash bins etc.

This app is truly a live saver. How often does it happens that you take great selfie, ore a beautiful landscape shot and suddenly realize "damn whats that in the background"? This is where AirBrush will help you out to remove people in background or delete some trash!

On the left you can see, that there is a newspaper lying next to me. And in the background there were many people which is definitely fine for such a crowed place like this. But there are 2 people who somehow disturbed me xD. AirBrush helped to remove this obstacles from my beautiful picture.


2. VSCO - Filters, Colors and Sharpening. Period.

Is this yet another filter app? Way no, VSCO is in my opinion the app for applying filters, changing colors and saturation and sharpening images. It is true, that there are hundreds of these apps but if you ask me this one really rocks. One downside is, that you need to process the image as a whole, where Snapseed (see next app) even allows you to process parts of the image. Try it out!

On the left you see the original image. On the right I have applied a filter, increased the contrast, increased the sharpness and decreased the yellow tone.


3. Snapseed - Almost like VSCO but with the opportunity for selective processing

Snapseed doesn't comes with any filters but with hundreds of settings to apply on to your image as a whole or just parts of it. And especially the latter is life saving. Sometimes your skin or cloth color is perfect but somehow the background, e.g. the sky, buildings etc. look under/oversaturated, shiny or whatnot. Snapseed will help you to improve annoying parts of your image - selectively.

On the left side you see the image before any changes. On the right side I have darkened the upper right corner and only this part of the image!


4. Afterlight - One of the hundred filter apps, but my favorite one beside VSCO

Afterlight allows you to apply filters. But VSCO also, so why would you need another one? Just because this app provides really cool filters which act more like "special effects". For example, you can choose a "dusty" or "vintage" filter which I have tried out in the following picture. I think VSCO and Afterlight combined provide you every kind of filters/special effects you ever need.

On the left, once again the original image. On right side I have applied a lightweight vintage look which suits very well to the background, but not that car :( I should have removed it with AirBrush ;)