Businessoutfits - Useful tips for the office

Whether at work 💼, at a party 💃, or even at school 🏫. Dress-codes became popular long time ago and actually help people to feel comfortable by being dressed adequate in any circumstances. Unfortunately or luckily 🍀 this is not the case with all companies. Sometimes people want to be free in choosing their own style. In other cases, one is very happy 😀to have some kind of guidance. Nevertheless, this article should help 💡you, if you don't know about dress-codes (see list of dress-codes below) or don't know how to dress adequate for the business world. Especially if there are no dress-codes mentioned explicitly, this does not mean that you can wear anything (see general tips on bottom)! The first impression counts. And you will leave a first impression every single day🌞! You always have to think about that. If you are an employee who has direct customer contact 🤝, you must pay particular attention to the first impression. The following tips may help you to get an idea.

Dress Codes explanation

Wikipedia says: A dress code is a set of rules, often written, with regards to clothing. Dress codes are created out of social perceptions and norms, and vary based on purpose, circumstances and occasions. Different societies and cultures are likely to have different dress codes, Western dress codes being a prominent example.

The following dress-codes are ordered from traditional to liberal:

1. Business - Traditional


  • skirt suits or pantsuits

  • both with formal business blouses or tops, stockings, closed toe and heel leather shoes

  • business accessories including a briefcase

  • Remember to keep jewelry, makeup, and perfume subtle


  • formal suit, tie, business shirt, leather dress shoes

  • or sports jackets with ties, business shirt, leather dress shoes

  • in both cases appropriate leather accessories such as briefcases, belts and watch wristbands

  • Remember keep accessories like watches and cologne subtle

2. Smart Casual


  • jacket or dressy sweater

  • dress pants or skirt

  • blouse, shirt, top or turtleneck

  • dress shoes and accessories like Business - Traditional


  • sports jacket with a tie, dress pants, business shirt

  • or nice turtleneck

  • dress shoes and accessories like Business - Traditional

3. Business casual


  • nice pants or skirts

  • blouses, tops, sweaters, vests

  • leather shoes and accessories


  • khakis, chino, classic blue jeans without any "used-look"

  • shirts, polo-shirts

  • leather shoes and accessories

4. Casual

Both, women and men have the most degree of freedom if they are allowed to dress "casually". Usually one can dress one level above also. Remember to not "overdress", compared to employees on your level. Nevertheless as mentioned in the beginning, casual doesn't means "you can dress whatever you want and we are fine with that". Read the following general tips to avoid embarrassments 😳

General Tips

Tip 1: Quality

When buying clothes👚, pay attention to high-quality processed garments. Quality neither means brand nor expensive. You get the idea 💡

Tip 2: Colors

are allowed! Many people think that business outfits only consist of black and white clothes. Even patterns are fine. Just make sure, that you always wear the right size. Maybe even with a few patterns. But always make sure that you find the right size. A simple business outfit can be spiced up really well with a colored blouse or a scarf.

Tip 3: The length

Pay attention to the length📏 when buying skirts and pants, especially as a woman 👩‍💼. A little short is too sexy and accordingly unsuitable for work. Vice versa, too long pants may signal lack of professionalism also!

Tip 4: Accessories

Accessories can be anything but for usual one should stick with a watch⌚ (smart watches are nowadays fine also), a ring 💍, a pair of earrings and a chain. Pay attention to the quality. Slightly faded or rust-prone chains catch the eye 👀 and can leave a bad impression. By contrast, well-made jewelery can round off your outfit.

Tip 5: Shoes

The best shoes 👞 are those in which you could run. In the business world, women's shoes between 3-8 cm height 👠 are sufficient. Even in summer, caution is advised with open shoes. Visible toes are avoided in many industries. Ballerinas 🥿 would be an alternative.

Tip 6: Styling

To a perfect outfit hair and makeup in case of woman is really important. Neither extremely voluminous haircuts 💇 nor neon yellow nail polish 💅🏽emphasize your expertise. A little less than more. A little rouge, mascara and lipstick 💄 in subtle tones are suitable for every business look.

Tip 7: Smile! Nothing, really nothing is more powerful, than an honest warm smile 😄