SLRC or Smartphone Camera

A good camera 📷 is one of the most important tool of an Influencer. Because no matter how beautiful the scenery 🏡is, without the right camera 📷 you won't be able to get the perfect shot 👌 for your Instagram account. Smartphones 📱from Apple, Huawei, Samsung, OnePlus, Xiaomi, Google and others take better pictures 🖼 than ever. Is it time to bury ☠️ Single Lens Refelx Cameras (SLRC)? No, not yet! However, smartphone 📱photography 📸 still makes sense due to 4 key benefits:

  • 🚲Portability The best camera is the one you have at hand. A bad shot may still better than no shot if you have found a once in a year scenery

  • 🏋️‍♀️Weight & Size A smartphone is relatively small and light weight compared to a SLRC. Especially during summer times and if you don't like to carry an additional bag around.

  • 💵Price For the price of a high-end smartphone you will will get a high-end smartphone - obviously - and a reasonable camera. Check below the image, which has been taken with a Samsung Galaxy S9

  • 🌐Internet connection Smartphones allow you to directly post-process Images via Apps and upload them on to your Instagram account

In the following comparison ⚖️ one can see, that pictures taken with a smartphone camera are also very useful.

Left: Canon EOS D 550

Right: Samsung Galaxy S9 +

Both pictures were post-processed 💻 afterwards. Let's have a quick look, why one should also get an SLRC:

  • 🖲bright 1-inch sensor The sensor is at least 3 times as large compared to smartphones. This increases light output, dynamic range and picture quality

  • 🔍4x native (optical) zoom and more SLRCss have a continuous optical zoom, smartphones only 2-3 zoom levels.

  • ⚙️Adjusting wheels & buttons Thanks to the many adjustment wheels and buttons one can change settings quickly

  • 🥇Intention & Scenery With SLRCs, you're automatically photographing more consciously and less in snapshot mode

To sum up quickly, one can argue that smartphone cameras enable you to get really good shots. If you feel dressed very well and find the perfect scene, don't hesitate! Grab your smartphone and make a picture. But if you want to become a really successful Influencer, your Instagram account should consist mostly of images taken with a SLRC.

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