Female Power

Us women 👩‍🦱often have blockers and a lack of self-confidence. Us women 👱‍♀️ focus too much on our weaknesses and failures ❌ rather than focusing on our strengths 💎 and successes 🥇. I think that's a crucial point, which is why we stand in the way of our own again and try to be more successful. We compare ourselves to others rather than relying on ourselves and being proud 💝 of what we have achieved. We know exactly what we did, when we did it and what went wrong. What about our successes? What have we mastered correctly and successfully? Let us think 🤔about it and focus on it! Even if it was just a little small thing. Like mastering a stressful day, or rocking the last final report at work. Do not compare yourself with others. I know that it is easier said than done, but if you actively take care of it then it will work out too. Comparing ⚖ only makes you unhappy 😥 at the end of the day. Comparisons like, "She has 10 pairs of shoes 👠 of known brands, but I only got 5" makes you blind 💀 to what's in front of you. Namely, 5 pairs of shoes 👠. That's more than millions of people 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 can afford. Behind every human is a story. You just have to look closer and listen. In order to focus on your own strengths, I recommend the following exercise:

Think about what qualities and abilities you really appreciate about yourself. Maybe they were praised by others. Self-praise is not wrong at all! Further, self-affection 💕is one of the most important factors in getting ahead. These positive feelings 😁 help you to get rid of the inner criticism and doubts. Focus on your positive qualities and make yourself aware again and again and again. Believe me when I say that women do more in everyday life than they realize! I know many women who rock life. They bring children, household and work in a hat and incidentally keep the family together. Women are incredible!

#Proud, #WomenRock