Female Idols

In the summer 🌞semester of 1900, the first women 👩 were allowed to enrol at the University 🏫 of Heidelberg. Before that time, it was forbidden in Germany 🇩🇪 for women to attend a university. You may wonder why it was forbidden 🛑for women at all? Nowadays it is not imaginable to deny anyone access to education due to gender.

One of the reasons why it was banned was that a woman's brain is simply smaller than the man's brain, and therefore unsuitable for study 😡.

Another was the claim that it was morally irresponsible for ladies to be present in the auditorium because they would arouse men 😳and distract them from science.

A woman who managed to study despite the prohibitions was Sofya Kovalevskaya.

She became the first math professor 👩‍🏫and taught at the University of Stockholm 🇸🇪 in 1883. Woman like her are really fascinating me. Since it was forbidden 🛑to study at that time, she had found ways to fight for and receive education.

Let's come to a next pioneer. Namely, the pioneer of modern computer science 💻. Ada Lovelace (what a beautiful name by the way) wrote the world's first computer program in 1848. She had a vision of a machine that not only performs numerical calculations, but can also process musical notes, letters and images.

She has thought computer science 💻 a hundred years ahead of her. The next woman in my list of female role models is Marie Curie. She was a Polish scientist who managed to obtain the 1903 Nobel Prize 🏆in Physics (together with her husband) for the discovery of two elements (polonium and radium) and in 1911 the Nobel Prize 🏆 for Chemistry. She was the first woman to receive the Nobel Prize in two different fields. She has influenced the history of chemistry, physics and medicine like no other woman.

#Proud, #GirlPower